Comeniusprojekt am GMM

Europe in motion - research on migration
Situation of refugees, asylum seekers, Sinti/Roma


The phenomenon of migration has been present in Europe for many centuries and it has particularly increased in the last decades,   caused by wars or totalitarianism and migration for economic and/or political reasons. The project will align with the hitherto existing occupation with migration in the different schools and put the main focus on escape, asylum and communities like Sinti/Roma.

Step 1: research on the phenomenon
Our first aim is to analyze the historical factor. During and after World War II, millions of people were forced to abandon their homeland and settle somewhere else. By doing field work and interviews with eye-witnesses as well as their descendants in Poland and research on the flow of refugees since WWII (Yugoslavia etc.), we will try to make the students aware of those days' issues. Study on the history of Sinti/Roma.

Step 2: current situation
Our next objective is to deal with current problems and legal aspects. Our approach will contain interviews with refugees and Sinti/Roma and a thorough analysis of official programs, e.g. Resettlement Program of the United Nations. We will also try to focus on the issue of gender differences which often determines the way people adjust to a new society and their surroundings.

Step 3: commitment
Considering the current situation of migrants in Europe, we hope to elaborate innovative ways of helping refugees to determine a new European identity and make them feel equal members of the society by applying a variety of actions: We plan to establish a multimedia homepage, to install contacts to asylum seeking minors, to help them personally according to our findings during the phase of research.


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